Vision and Mission



Tocultivate a competency-based, diverse, student-centered, technologicallyadvanced learning environment that empowers generalist practitioners to advancehuman well-being through competent, culturally sensitive, anti-discriminatory,and anti-racist social work practice.



1.To prepare generalist practitioners to enhance human well-being and eliminatesocial  injustices through advocacy,cultural humility, global citizenship, scholarship, and service

2. The MSW program intends to address social problems and systems that affectdiverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities throughcollaborative partnerships, ethical practice, scientific inquiry, socialempowerment, and theoretical application.

3.  To provide a culturally sensitive,professional social work education that prepares generalist practitioners toengage in the empowerment of diverse individuals, families, groups,organizations, and communities.

4.  To prepare generalist practitioners to applyethics, evidence-based knowledge, theory, and professional best practices indiverse communities and social work settings.

5.  To prepare generalist practitioners toidentify and engage in professional social work practice focused on humanwell-being, alleviating poverty, and social injustices