Department at a Glance


     Government Digvijay College, established in 1958, gradually became the leading college of the state. In the year 2013, 07 new employment  oriented courses were started in the college .In the same sequence, a 2-year postgraduate degree course on social work was started in Government Digvijay College, Rajnandgaon  from July 2013. This course has been started on 25 seats recognized by Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla  University, Raipur.


  The following professors are working in the Social Work Department:-

1. Head of the Department – Mrs. Lalita Sahu (Assistant Professor)

2. Ms. Tarini  Sahu (Self-Finance Professor)

3. Mrs. Shalini  Soni (Self-Finance Professor)


        --------  OBJECTIVE  -------

            The main objective of this course is to prepare students as skilled social workers. At the same time, they have to be made sensitive towards their society and community, motivated to discharge social work and responsibilities and made aware of community work. Along with this, the objective of this course is also to promote research and research in the social field.

           Under the study curriculum, through extension activities, organizing awareness programs with the surrounding rural areas and community like environmental protection, women empowerment, traffic safety, cleanliness awareness, anti-addiction week, visits to social organizations, rural camps, blood donation camps etc. Working as a volunteer for cooperation with various government institutions etc. has been included.


 ----------Workshop /Seminar /Seminar organized by the department ------

        Various seminars, workshops and value added courses are organized by the department from time to time –

1. One day workshop organized on “Journalistic perspective on the role of social work in current social problems” in session 2015-16.

2. On 18/11/2017, a one-day workshop was organized on the topic “Challenges and role of journalism and social workers in building a healthy world”, in which various state level journalists and scholars related to social work were invited.

3. Under the joint aegis of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, a two-day national seminar was organized on the topic “Impact of Social Media on Society” from 6 to 7 February 2020.

4. Value added course was organized under the joint aegis of social work and sociology. A one-month certificate course on the subject “Criminology” was started from 16 February to 16 March 2022. Students of various subjects of the college took advantage of this certificate course.

5. A one-day state level workshop was organized under the joint aegis of the Department of Sociology and Social Work. A workshop on the topic “Skill Development” was successfully organized on March 15, 2023, in which various state level students attended and benefited.


    ------------ Various achievements of the department  -------------

1 “Cyber Warriors Orientation Training” Students of Social Work Department were selected by the Center for Youth Development and Activities to spread the message of cyber security in rural areas.

2. In the “Social Immersion Fellowship” program organized by Alliance for Behavior Change and UNICEF, two students of Social Work Department, Tejasvi Verma and Bhuvaneshwar Sahu, were selected for fellowship.

3 Students of the Social Work Department participated as volunteers in the intensive pulse polio campaign organized by the Health Department, Rajnandgaon.

4 Students of the Social Work Department participated in a one-day awareness workshop organized on “Possibilities of Entrepreneurship Development” based on the technology developed by them in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Industrialization, Wardha.

5. Social Work Department was awarded for special support to Women and Child Development Department in “National Nutrition Month”.

6. Social Work Department was awarded for special commendable work on behalf of Police Administration Rajnandgaon for “Corona Awareness Campaign”.

7. The Social Work Department was honored by the Police Administration for its excellent performance in the street drama program organized on “Daughter's Day”.

8 In the annual festival program of the college, the students of Social Work Department got second place for the patriotic dance based on Pulwama attack.

Social Work Department was awarded for its excellent work on9 World Blood Donor Day.

10 “State Level Asmita Mahila Shakti Kendra” was launched at Sarveshwar Das Municipal Corporation Higher Secondary School, Rajnandgaon. Under this, students of the Social Work Department were appointed as volunteers to promote various schemes of the government.

11. Social Work Department was awarded the first prize in the district level inter-college street drama competition in the vote rawareness campaign under the “Sweep” program.

12 The department was awarded by the Municipal Corporation for its special cooperation in “Swachh Bharat Mission”.

13 Students who received awards in the competition under the “Sweep” voter awareness campaign, Roshan Nirmalkar (poster competition and rangoli competition) and Kesari Deshmukh (essay competition) were awarded.

14 District level street play organized for “Public awareness towards legal aid”