Department at a Glance



                                                  Department at a Glance


                     The department ofEnglish was born with the birth of the College in July1957 with UG courseshaving Dr. Nirmal Chandra Pathak as the first head of the Department and Prof.Partha Sarathi, Prof. Kanak Tiwari as the founder members. Prof S.K. Jain, Dr. Chandani,Dr. Santosh Singh, Dr. Neelu Shrivastav have rendered their services for a longtime as the heads of the department and presently Dr. Anita Shankar is bearingthe responsibility of the head.

               The PG courses were started inthe department in 1983. Right now, other than the Foundation Course, BA EnglishLiterature, Add-on course in “Creative Writing and Spoken English” & PG inEnglish Literature are also being run. Free Spoken English classes are alsoarranged every year regularly by the department for the students.

The department has been growing continuously.  Another feather was added when the departmentgot the status of a research centre in 2020. There are two recognised ResearchGuides in the department and four Research Scholars are pursuing the researchwork.

                   Our department is the first and the only department English inChhattisgarh to start Add-On Course in Spoken English & Creative Writing. Thecourse has been running since 2013-14 till today. Other regular courses offeredare:

1. At UG level,English Language as a compulsory subject.

2. BA with EnglishLiterature as an optional subject.

3. MA EnglishLiterature

4. Add-on Coursein “Spoken English and Creative Writing”

                 The department has organizedseveral Academic Events; given below:

1.    NationalSeminar was organised on “Barriers to English Communication: Its Concepts andProblems” on 17-18 January, 2017.

2.    NationalLevel Webinar on “Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Filing”, Webinar on 20thJune, 2020.

3.    NationalWebinar on “Relationship Management” for students and faculty members on 23February,2021.

4.    5Days workshop on “Basics of Research Methodology” from 7th to 11thJune, 2022.

5.    5Days Workshop on “NEP 2020: Curriculum & research Reforms” from 17thto 21st April, 2023.

               The department has its EnglishLanguage Lab since 2007, with updated software of Wordsworth. The students fromall streams use this language lab to enhance their communication skill andaccent.

              The Department has also been organisingseveral activity oriented programmes on every Saturday for students. Thedepartment being a research centre pays special attention to develop researchaptitude among the students.

              Since session 2022-23, thedepartment has started several new courses under NEP, 2020, including DSC, DSE,AECC, VAC, and SEC & GE. The classes are being run successfully.