Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan(2019-20 to 2023-24)

Core Objectives:
  1. To introduce courses focusing on the global and national needs of employment and to update the traditional courses in order to meet the present day challenges.
  2. To make teaching –learning process more interesting and fruitful for students as well as faculty with the help of ICT tools.
  3. To enhance the quality of the teacher-profile.
  4. To promote quality research/projects/patents/copyrights among faculty members as well as scholars.
  5. To contribute significantly to the community through sincere extension activities.
  6. To maintain the existing infrastructural facilities with the addition of new amenities for students.
  7. To provide professional/life skills for holistic development of the students along with teaching.
  8. To introduce more facilities for the specially-abled students.

Five Year Action plan:


  1. Guest lecture series under Digvijay Vyakhyanmala to be continued by all the departments.
  2. Use of ICT in teaching to be enhanced by social science faculty members.
  3. New software to be developed by autonomous cell and office for result analysis and admission.
  4. Non-PhD faculty members to complete their PhD soon.
  5. Faculty members to be motivated for more minor/major research projects/ fellowships. 


  1. Organisation of more national/ international conferences /seminars/ workshops.
  2. Enhancements of ICT enabled classrooms.
  3. Complete implementation of e-governance in examination process.
  4. Organisation of more FDPs and PDPs
  5. Increased use of LEDs for energy conservation.


  1. Increase in national/international MoUs/linkages and collaborative activities.
  2. Increase and updation of ICT enabled classrooms.
  3. Development of laboratories with advanced aparatus/equipments.
  4. Sports facilities to be enhanced.
  5. More CSR scholarships to be obtained for students.


  1. Creation of MOOC courses by faculty members.
  2. Faculty members to create and upload quality e-lectures on website and YouTube.
  3. Motivation to students to get enrolled in MOOC courses under SWAYAM, NPTEL and IGNOU etc.
  4. Promotion of start-ups in the institution.
  5. Patents to be registered in the name of institution/ faculty/ students.
  6. Adopted New Education Policy (NEP -2020) approved by CBCS & LOCF.


  1. Installation of Central RO plant for drinking water.
  2. Provision of a traveler/bus for institutional use.
  3. Construction of disabled-friendly tactile path for specially-abled students.
  4. New courses to be started as per global and professional needs.
  5. Funding to be raised from alumni.