College at a Glance

College at a Glance

Govt. Digvijay AutonomousPG College was founded on 13th July, 1957 as a privatecollege established by Rajnandgaon Education Society donated by revered princeMahant Raja Digvijay Das ji. The college was taken over by the state governmenton 27th August 1973 and has completed SIXTY years of its gloriousexistence in the year 2017. In 2007, we celebrated ‘Golden Jubilee Year’ and last year 2018, wehave celebrated the ‘Diamond Jubilee Year’ ofour institution.The growth of the institution has been remarkable. The collegewhich started with 73 students encompasses more than 5000 students today. TheCollege stands like a colossus, proud of thousands of alumni that adornpositions of prominence in different walks of life, thanks to the educationthat they received in their alma mater. The college was conferred theautonomous status by UGC in 1992-93.Our institute, which has a historicallegacy and prosperous heritage, is striving hard today to adapt the newadvanced technological methods of teaching-learning to compete with the globalneeds of present scenario. The courses, as per the need of today’s competitiveIT world, have been started in the college and are running successfully. Theinstitution got CPE (College with Potential for Excellence) status by the UGC.Commerce department of our institution was declared the Centre of Excellence inthe year 2005-2006 by the state government.The Pride of our college is that threenational/international level literary personalities; Gajanand Madhav Muktibodh,Dr. Padumlal Punnalal Bakshi and Dr. Baldeo Prasad Mishra; have given theircontributions as faculty members in the growth of this institution.

Academic Offerings:  The institution is offering –

·       34 courses including 7 UG courses, 18 PG courses, 2 diplomacourses, 2 PG diploma courses, 4 Add-on courses and 11 certificate courses.

·       Presently 4 departments; Hindi, Economics, Chemistry &Commerce; are recognised as research centres and these are conducting andpromoting research work. Proposal for 5 other departments for research centrehas also been sent. At present the students’ strength of the college is 5078.


College at a Glance

InfrastructuralFacilities-The institution is expanded in about 10.5 acres of land inthe first part, the description of which is given below. The second part of 5acres is under construction which includes sports facilities, multi-purposeAuditorium, Boys/Girls Hostel and Outdoor Track & field. The up-gradationof the infrastructure continues with changing classrooms in to smart class andup gradation of traditional blackboards into green boards. All PG departmentshave Projectors; we have four smart classes and one e-classroom with equipmentshaving modern and latest technology. We have a zoology museum, botanicalgarden, green house, a well established and computerised rich library, a fullyAC meeting room & one conference hall, e-library, fully AC Reading Roomhaving special sitting arrangement for research scholars & specially-abledstudents, Gymnasium and Canteen.

Laboratories: The institution has well equipped and effectivelyfunctional 17 laboratories and 1 central laboratory for allsubjects including science laboratories viz. Physics, Chemistry, Botany,Zoology, Microbiology, Anthropology, Geology and Biotechnology  & Artslabs viz. Geography and Home Science. Other than this we have three computerLabs (in Commerce, arts & science respectively), one Sanskrit Lab, oneCommerce Lab, English Language Lab & Mathematics Lab.

Central Laboratory: We have established a central laboratory for research purpose.The laboratory is equipped with instruments (RTPCR,AAS, UV Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Gel Doc, Binocular Microscope) on SoilAnalysis (Micro and Macro nutrients), Water Analysis (Chemical and Physicalparameters), Food Adulteration Analysis, Industrial Pollutant Analysis, HeavyMetal Analysis (like Arsenic, Mercury, Molybdenum, Zinc, Iron etc.), PlantExtraction Analysis, DNA test, Sickle Cell test, Diagnosis of GeneticDisease, Genetic Counselling, Screening of Genetic Disease, Diagnosis ofInherited Disease.


Three NCC units- NCC Boys, NCC Girls andNCC Naval are functioning in our institution. Since last 16 years two or threecadets are participating in the RD parade every year and YEP. Near about 700students have been selected for Armed Services till date.

The NSS unit is also active in organising various socialactivities. Some of these activities are: Leprosy Awareness Programmes,Cleanliness Programmes, Plantation, Environment Conservation, Water Conservation,Blood Donation, Gender Sensitization, etc.

In addition to NCC and NSS, we also have Youth Red Crossunit in our institution, which is actively involved in the activities likeBlood donation, free medical check-up, Distribution of warm clothes to the poorand needy, plantation of saplings, cleanliness awareness, etc.

Distant Learning Centres: Our institution hasDistant Learning study centres of Indira Gandhi National Open University andSundarlal Sharma Open University. A course of BA in Journalism and MassCommunication is also being run in the campus affiliated to Kushabhau ThakreUniversity.

Triveni Literary Museum: Established in the Historical palace donated by Mahant RajaDigvijay Das of Rajnandgaon Estate and surrounded by water bodies from threesides, Govt. Digvijay PG Autonomous College, Rajnandgaon is famous for therenowned literary personalities like Shri Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh, ShriPadumlal Punnalal Bakshi and Shri Baldeo Prasad Mishra who have contributedtheir immortal works to the world of literature during their life time.“Triveni Literary Museum” constructed on the bank of the pond to commemoratethese three famous personalities reminds us of their literary contributions.

Botanical Garden: The institution has a rich Botanical Garden with rare medicinalplants viz Vitex Negundo sps, Euphorbia sps., Santalum album, CycusRevoluta  sps., Bauhinia verigata, Moringa sps., Withania somnifera,Rauwolfia serpentina, Athotoda vasica. The institution also has Green houseand oxidant tank for study.

Solar system installed in the campus: Solar Power Generation system costing Rs.56 lakh has beeninstalled in the college premises. The system generates approximately 50 kwon-grid and 10 kw off-grid electricity every month.


Distinctiveness of college:

As the vision of our college is to provide good qualityhigher education with good academic environment and good result to the studentsof tribal belt, we are successfully providing education to the deprived sectionof the society and getting good results as well. As a result there is greatdemand to seek admission in this college. The year-wise strength of the collegeshows that it is increasing continuously, whether it is male or female studentsfrom rural and tribal areas.

Our institute, which has a historical legacy and is wellknown for its heritage, is striving hard today to adapt the new technologicalmethods of education to compete with the global needs of present scenario. Thecourses, as per the need of today’s competitive IT world, have been started inthe college and are running successfully.

The Placement Cell of the college continuously organizesthe coaching classes for competitive examination and invites differentindustries and corporate groups for the campus placements of the students.

As the sickle cell is one of the most prominent disease,commonly found in this belt, the college has established the Sickle CellLaboratory, which provides free testing facility of the sickle cell to not onlyto the students of rural and tribal areas but also the people of the society.It is also engaged in further research work on this disease.

Due to the efforts made by the institution, scholarshipsfrom corporate groups like; Mahindra Finance Ltd., have also been provided tothe meritorious but economically challenged students.