To provide quality education to the students of rural and tribal belt of the surrounding areas and to develop skills in students by keeping balance between the traditional human values and the new global challenges.

The motto of the college “ Vidya Sarvasya Bhushanam” (Knowledge as the ornament for all) has been the guiding force, the philosophical firmament and constant source of inspiration of the college ever since its inception. The institution aims to provide higher education to as many deprived and unprivileged youth as possible. The college community has always been dedicated to live up to the spirit of the core values of the college inspired by its motto – Distribution of knowledge to all without any discrimination.


  • To empower the students from diversified background of this region by providing them holistic education with scientific temper and logical thinking and to make them socially committed and compassionate individuals.
    • To achieve integrity through excellence in teaching, learning and research.
    • To involve students in community service and promote responsible leadership qualities in them.
    • To promote environmental consciousness, cultural heritage, social, spiritual and human values.
    • To improve employability and professional skills among the students.


  • Quality Education
  • Holistic Development
  • Professional Ethics
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Human Values