Name  Dr.Hemant Kumar Sao
Father’s Name (Late) Shri Indal singh
Date of Birth 1 Jan 1972
Designation Assistance Professor ( Mathematics)
Address for Correspondence Matangi Niwash Plot no – 24 .Matri Kunj Rishali Bhilai (C.G)
email [email protected]

Educational Qualification

Degree Year University
 Graduation 1994 PT RSU Raipur,
M. Sc. 1996 PT RSU Raipur,
Ph. D. 2018 PT RSU Raipur
Specialization  Operation Research  Functional Analysis
Title of Ph. D. Thesis  Reliability engineering
Date of First Appointment  1-10-2014
Orientation  Course 01.11.2017 to 30.11.2017
Refresher Course
Refresher Course
Senior Grade
Selection Grade

Published Research Papers :

  1. Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Single unit system with Environmental Failure and PM at MOT. Bull. Cal. Math. Soc., 107, (3) 193–204 (2015).
  1. Economic and Performance evaluation of a Stochastic Model with Hardware failure and Human error. Cal. Math. Soc., 107, (5) 411-420. (2015).
  2. Stochastic Modelling and Reliability Analysis of a RO Membrane System Used in Water Purification System with Patience –Time for Repair, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) Vol. 3 Issues 2, February – 2014 ISSN: 2278-0181.
  3. Profit analysis of Hulling system in Rice-mill Plant with change in demand and PM at down state subject to maximum operation time, international j. of math. sci. & Engg.Appls. (IJMSEA) ISSN 0973-9424, vol. 8 no. iii (May, 2014), pp. 251-263.
  4. Reliability Availability Cost analysis (RAC) of Three Unit System. To appear in Journal of the Calcutta Mathematical Society. 12(1) 47-64 (2016)




Books published :


Research Projects Completed :


On-going Minor Research Projects :


Chief Editor
Organizing Secretary 
 Research Guide
 Life Member of Academic Bodies
  • Life Member, The Indian Mathematical Society, Pune, LMN- K-07-130, 2007.
  • Life Member, The Indian science Congress Association, Kolkata, L15387, 2009.
Imp. Assignments Member of BOS, Mathematics (2007-2012)
National Seminar Attended and Paper Presented (From 2013)  

Conferences publications.

  1. Presented paper entitled “Performances Evaluation of Milk packing System” in VIth International symposiums Optimization and statistics ISOS-2008, held at AMU Aligarh, UP, 23-25 Dec, 2008.
  2. Presented paper entitled “Profit analysis of two unit systems with PM” in National conference on Engineering and science Aicon-2009, held at CSIT Durg, 6-8 Feb 2009.
  3. Presented paper entitled “Transient Reliability analysis” in Nation Seminar held at MPCCET, 24-25 Feb 2010.
  4. Presented paper entitled “Performance evaluations a wind mill system with two standby and two associate units” in national Seminar “Emerging Areas in pure and Applied Mathematics” held at Kalyan PG college BhilaiNagar 25-26 Nov 2011.
  5. Presented paper entitled “Profit Analysis of a wind mill system” in Indian science Congress Association ISCA, held at KIIT Bhuneshwar, Jan3-5, 2012.
  6. Presented paper entitled “Reliability Analysis- A review” in Technologia 2012, a national Conference 1-2 March 2012.CCET Bhailai CG.
  7. Presented research paper entitled “MTSF and Profit Analysis of a Reliability model” in AICTE Sponsored National Seminar held at BIT Durg on 15th -16th March 2013.
  8. Presented research paper entitled “Stochastic Analysis of Repairable System of four units” on AICON 2013 held at CSIT Durg.
  9. Presented research paper entitled “Reliability Modelling and Economic Analysis of Water Purification System” on National seminar on Advances in Nonlinear analysis and Optimization.Feb.15-17, Pt.RSU Raipur C.G.
  10. Presented research paper entitled “Stochastic modelling and reliability analysis of water purification system with patient –time for repair” at All India conference on “intelligent systems”, April 25th – 26th, 2014 Chhatrapati shivaji institute of ICON (CSIT) Durg, India, ISBN: 978-81-923288-2-9.
  11. Presented research paper entitled “Reliability Modelling and Stochastic Analysis” UGC sponsored National seminar on Contribution of Ancient Indian Mathematicians and Its Uses in Present Age held on 22&23 Jan 2016 at Govt Dr. BSBA College Dongargaoan.
  12. Workshop/training attended 
    1. Attended “Staff development program” held at MPCCET from 17-21 Oct-2003   NTTTI Bhopal.
    2. Attended the Workshop on “Teaching English as foreign language”, held at MPCCET Bhilai, 29 July 2007.
    3. Attended the Workshop on “The Role of communication skill in Technical education”, held at MPCCET Bhilai, 9 Feb-2008.
    4. Attended the Workshop on “Application of Mathematics in Engineering and technology” held at MPCCET Bhilai, WAMET-Jan-2008.
    5. Attended the UGC Sponsored national workshop “Emerging Area of Applications of Mathematics” held at Govt PG College Dhamtary, 26-28 Oct 2010.
    6. Attended the Workshop on “Importance of Communication Skill in technical Colleges” held at CCET Bhilai , 12th January 2012.
    7. Attended the Workshop on “Reliability Theory and Survival Analysis” December 3-5, 2012 held at IIT Kanpur.
    8. Attended the Workshop on “Life and works of Shrinivas Ramanujan” BCS PG College Dhamtari, CG 22-24 Dec 2013.
    9. Attended the Workshop on “Soft Computing and its application using MATLAB”, 19 June 2015, CCET Bhilai , CG.
    10. Attended the Workshop on “Diminition of Quality Education” 2 July 2015, RUSA workshop Digvijay PG College Rajanandgaon CG.
    11. Attended the Workshop “RMO Teachers Traning” 2-5 Nov 2015, sponcered by NBAR Mumbai, BCS PG College Dhamtari.
    12. Attended the Workshop on “General Relativity and Cosmology” held on 8-9 Feb 2016 at Kalyan P G College Bhilai- Nagar CG.
Resource Person