Name Dr. (smt) Shabnam Khan
Father’s Name  Shri M.A. Khan
Date of Birth 16/07/1961
Designation Professor at Govt. Digvijay P.G. College
Address for Correspondence 93/A Srishti Colony

Kamla College Road

Rajnandgaon (C.G.) 491441


Educational Qualification

Degree Year University
 Graduation 1980 A.P.S University, Reewa, M.P
M. Sc. Maths 1982  A.P.S University, Reewa, M.P
M. Phil.  Nil Nil
Ph. D.  1995  A.P.S University, Reewa
NET  Nil Nil


Specialization  Topology, Functional Analysis, Real and Complex Analysis, Calculus
Title of Ph. D. Thesis Application and extension of an Algorithms  that compute fixed point of certain decision   Functions .


Date of First Appointment  Adhoc – 23.11.1984

Regular – 04.03.1987(As Assistant Professor)

Orientation  Course  Orientation Program in Maths  ,May 01-29 1999,   Academic Staff  College  Lucknow  University
Refresher Course 1.      UGC Refresher Course on “Computer Applications  in Physical And Social Sciences”,  Jan 02-231998, Academic Staff College, University of  Lucknow

2.      UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Maths, Aug 16-06 Sept 2000,Academic Staff  College,University of  Lucknow

3.      UGC Sponsored Refresher Course on “Mathematical Algorithms And Computer  Applications.”, March 19-07 April 2001,U.G.c  Academic Staff College, Rani   Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya Jabalpur,M.P

Senior Grade 27.07.1998
Selection Grade  28.07.1998


Published Research Papers :

International Journal

1. Nature Of Equilibrium points in Certain SymmetricJnanbha University Victoria B.C. CNADA.

2. Existence of Common Fixed Points Compatible Maps -IJCRT , Vol.2,No.1 (2016) ISSN 2394-5745


National Journal

1. On Computation of triangulation with Continuous Refinement of Grid Size Calcutta  Mathematical Society. Calcutta.

2. Error Bound in Computing Kakutani Fixed  Points Mathematical Journal Ranchi University.  Ranchi

3. Computation of Optimal Solution of Certain Linear Form of Problem through Fixed Point Algorithm – Research Fronts Vol. VI 2016 , ISSN 2250-2653.

Books published :


Research Projects Completed :


On-going Minor Research Projects :


Chief Editor  Nil
Organizing Secretary / Coordinator 1. Workshop On Computer Skill And Development, For Teachers And

Employees Dec 1621 2010, Govt. Digvijay P.G College,



2. Workshop On Computer Orientation For College  Staff, Nov 1526

2011 Govt. Digvijay P.G College, Rajnandgaon(C.G)


3.National Workshop On –“Applications Of Graph  Theory In  Engineering , Medical And                   Computer  Science”, Feb 21-23 2013, Govt. Digvijay P.G College, Rajnandgaon(C.G)

4. 17th Annual Conference of Vijanan Parishad of India and National


 Research Guide  Nil
 Life Member of


Academic Bodies

1. Life Time Member of Calcutta Mathematical Society


2. Nominated by Hon’able Vice Chancellor as the member of governing

Body of Private  Colleges namely :


a.       Ramchand College Saraypali, (Mahasamund) and Vindhyvasini Arts and  Science College Sanod (Durg).

b. Sandipani Academy, Achhoti, Durg (2014-16 )

Imp. Assignments A.            Additional Charge :


1.     Deputy Controller (Autonomous Examination  Cell )- Aug 2012-May 2015

2.     Controller (Autonomous Examination  Cell )- June 2015- till today

3.     In charge (Computer Science & Information Technology) – till 2014

4.     Nodal Officer (e-Class room)- till 2011


 B.             Member of Board of Study  :

1.  Nominated as member of Board of Studies of Mathematics by

Govt. V.Y.T.P.G Autonomous College Durg


2.  Nominated as chairperson of Board of Studies  Committee of
Govt. Digvijay College Rajnandgaon


3. Nominated as Chair Person of Board of Studies of Mathematics,

Durg  University, Durg


C.              Subject Expert  :

   Nominated as Subject expert in the Interview Board by

the Hon’able Vice Chancellor (Session – 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13) for the appointment of Asst. Professors  under University Act-28.


D.              Member of Inspection Committee  :

Nominated as Subject Expert for Private Colleges by the  Commissioner, Higher  Education, Raipur




E.              Member of Examination Committee  :

Nominated as the Representative of  Hon’able Vice Chancellor in the Examination            committee of Mathematics of Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur.


F.              As Judge  :

i. Invited as judge in the Regional level Science/Social,               Science/Mathematics/SUPW/Computer Intel Exhibition organized in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Dongargarh.


ii.     Invited as judge in the Rangoli and Drawing Competition

during District level  youth welfare Department,



H.             Guest Lecture  :

i.                     Delivered  lecture on “Real Number System” in Dr. Baba

Sahab BhimRao Ambedkar College, Dongargaon.


ii.                   Invited for the Lecture “Development of  Number System” by Govt. Shivnath  College, Rajnandgaon.


I.                    .  Examinations Conducted / Exam In charge

i.                     Working as Superintendent in Annual and Semester

Examinations, Internal and External examiner in Practical Exam

ii.        Working as Superintendent in Competitive Examination like

C.G. Professional Examinations Board, Raipur


iii.        Working as a Internal Examiner in Practical Examination of

Makhanlal   Chaturvedi  University, Bilaspur

National Seminar Attended and Paper Presented 1.        Presented Paper entitled Computing Fixed Points on National Seminar on “RECENT TRENDS IN MATHEMATICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS” 24-26 OCT 2004, organized by Govt. B.C.S.P.G. College, Dhamtari-


2.       Presented Paper entitled The Socio Economic and Health Status of Primitive Tribes of Orissa on National Seminar on “STATUS AND TRENDS IN DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA(WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE PRIMITIVE TRIBES)” Feb 23-24 2007Govt. Digvijay P.G College, Rajnandgaon(c.g)


3.    Presented Paper entitled  Soochna Ka Adhikar,Satyata Janne Ka Adhikar on

National Conference on “SUSHASAN AND SUCHNA KA ADHIKAR ”,

Jan 16-17 2009,Govt. J.Y.C.G.M.V. Raipur(C.G)


4. Presented Paper entitled

(a) A Modern Cosmological ideas as conceived in RGEUDA

(b)Generalized Fuzzy Metric Space via Weakly Compatible Mappings.


STATISTICS” ,Jan 23-24 2009,Govt. J.Y.C.G.M.V. Raipur(C.G)


5.Presented Paper entitled Rajnandgaon Zile ke Pass Halamkado Ke

             Krishakwarg Ki Pratishta Ka Adhyayan, on National Seminar on


19-20009,Govt. Digvijay P.G College, Rajnandgaon(c.g)


6. Presented Paper entitled Computational of Optimal Solution  

    Through Fixed Point Algorithm, on National Conference on


SOCIETY”Oct 30-31 2009,Govt. V.Y.T.P.G Autonomous College,



7.       Attended National workshop on APPLICATIONS OF COMPUTERS IN RESEARCH, Feb 15-16 2010,Dr. Radha Bai Govt. Navin Kanya Mahavidyalay, Raipur(C.G)


8.       Attended National workshop on EMERGING AREAS OF APPLICATIONS OF MATHEMATICS, Oct 26-28 2010,B.C.S Govt. P.G College Dhamtari,(C.G)


9. Attended State Level Workshop on NEW DIMENSIONS IN RESEARCH               METHODOLOGY, Jan 20-21 2011,Govt. Digvijay P.G College,



10.      Attended National workshop on RECENT TRENDS IN GRAPH THEORY AND CRYPTOGRAPHY, Oct 11-13 2011,Govt. V.Y.T.P.G Autonomous College, Durg(C.G)


11.   Attended National workshop on  APPLICATION OF MATHEMATICS

IN DIFFERENT     FIELDS OF SCIENCE, Oct 12-14 2012, Govt.

Nagarjuna P.G College of Science,            Raipur(C.G)


12.Attended workshop Existence Characterization of Fixed Point in Metric Space, Oct 26-27 2012,Govt.V.Y.T.P.G Autonomous College, Durg(C.G)


13.Attended  State Level Workshop of LATEX LANGUAGE AND MATHEMATICAL MODELING, Dec 8-9 2012,B.C.S Govt. P.G College Dhamtari,(C.G)


14.   Workshop on Application of Grapgh Theory in Engineering and Medical Sciences on Feb-21-22 2013, Govt. Digvijay College, Rajnandgaon..

15. Presented pape entitled- Computation of Optimal Solution of 

            certain Linear and Quadratic form of problem through fix point     

             algorithm on 20-21 Feb 2014



sponsored byRUSA on  13. 05.2015 organized by Govt. Digvijay

College, Rajnandgaon Attended Workshop on “Dissemination of

Quality Education”  sponsored by RUSA on 02.07.2015 organized

by Govt. Digvijay College, Rajnandgaon.



17. Presented paper entitled- “Climate Change Problem caused by Global Warming”On  National Seminar on “ENERGY INDUSTRY AND ENVIRONMENT” 9th October  2015 organized  by  Govt. Vivekanand P.G College Manendragarh (C.G)


18.Presented paper entitled “Existence of  common fixed point under  

       compatible maps” On National Seminar on “VALUE AND


organized by Govt. Rajeev Lochan College Rajim.


19.Attended National workshop on “Swatantra BHARAT KE VIKAS


Organized by Govt. V.Y.T.P.G College, Durg.

20.Presented paper entitled “Sport Policies and Politics in India” on

National Seminar on  “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND SPORTS” 7-8

Jan 2016. Organized by  Govt. Kamla Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya,



21.Attended State level workshop “CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM:

AN OVERVIEW”  sponsored by RUSA on 02.02.2016 organized by

Govt. Digvijay College Rajnandgaon.

22.Attended State level workshop “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY”

Sponsored by RUSA on  03.02.2016  organized by Govt. Digvijay

College Rajnandgaon.

23 .Invited Talk entitled “Importance and Beauty of Mathematics

on National Seminar on  “CONTRIBUTION OF ANCIENT INDIAN MATHEMATICIANS AND ITS USES IN   PRESENT AGE” organized by Govt. Dr. B.S.B.A College Dongargaon 22 and 23 Jan 2016.


24.  Attended National workshop on “General Relativity and

Cosmology”. 8-9 February 2016  organized by Kalyan P.G College, Bhilainagar.

Resource Person/Subject         


 Invited Talk entitled “Importance and Beauty of Mathematics” on National Seminar on   “CONTRIBUTION OF ANCIENT INDIAN MATHEMATICIANS AND ITS USES IN  PRESENT AGE” organized by Govt. Dr. B.S.B.A College Dongargaon 22 and 23 Jan 2016.