Corona Vaccine Awareness Campaign

An awareness campaign committee was formed under the guidance of Dr. Anita Shankar, head of the Government Digvijay College, English Department and all the professors. The cooperation of Charbhatha Medical Officer was taken. All the information related to vaccination was provided to every member of the campaign committee by the Medical Officer Primary Health Center Charbhatha.

The committee selected the following four steps to spread corona vaccine awareness:

1. Step 1: Getting each member of the committee vaccinated.

2. Step 2: Door-to-door gathering information on immunization status from door to door.

3. Third step: After that, explain the problems and rumors coming in vaccination.

4. Fourth step: Trying to remove the problems and rumors related to vaccination by suggesting and resolving them.

During the vaccination awareness, the misleading problems and rumors spread among the people were resolved by the committee:

Q 1. Afraid to get vaccinated

Answer: There is no need to be afraid of vaccination. It does not cause any kind of problems. We have all taken vaccinations.

Q2. I will become impotent by taking the vaccine.

Answer: No one gets impotence by taking the vaccine, till now one crore people have been vaccinated in our country. In which our Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister, Chief Minister, and all the ministers and every public representative, administrative officer, doctors, and ordinary citizens are included. If there was a problem like impotence, why would the doctors, nurses themselves take such a huge amount of vaccine? This is a rumour.


Q3 Does taking the vaccine make a person sick and die?

Answer: Taking the vaccine does not cause any kind of disease and does not cause death. Yes, but there is a slight fever, headache. Which gets cured in one or two to three days.

Q 4. Can I go to work after taking the vaccine?

Answer – Yes, you can go to work but you have to take rest at home for a week after taking the vaccine.

Q. 5. What are the requirements for taking the vaccine?

Answer – Aadhar Card, Ration Card and Mobile Number.

Q.5. Why is it necessary to get the corona vaccine?

Answer – Corona Vaccine is an important shield from the point of view of protection against Corona. With this we can defeat Corona and keep our family members around us safe.

In this way, awareness campaign was started by our campaign committee from 10th June and efforts were made to spread awareness in three villages till 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th June. The result of running this survey awareness campaign was that more than 100 more than People got vaccinated. Seeing these 100 people, people of those villages and other nearby villages also started coming forward for vaccination. Thus our corona vaccine awareness campaign became successful.