• The students of M.Sc. Microbiology visited Govt. Gajanand Madhav Muktibodh Higher Secondary School , Shankarpur , Rajnandgaon for extension activity.Whole department of microbiology along with the faculty members layed the path for completing extension activity.Due to this activity, members of department especially the students got a golden opportunity to interact with the students of
  • Firstly, the students were given knowledge of microbiology along with different microbes with especial focus on bacteria and viruses and the disease caused by them.The unit was assembled there to have their attention on antibiotics and its effects and side
  • Antibiotics are the wonder drug, which are used by each and every being now a day. So it is very important for all to know about antibiotics, its usefulness well as its side
  • The unit had made some big banners with suitable and effective sum of knowledge and pictures along with.The unit one by one interact with the students and make them aware of the antibiotics, how it was discovered and by whom.Further, the working of antibiotics and their mechanism were explained. How the antibiotics are effective to us, and the unit focused in the side effects of antibiotics
  • The students of school and all the faculty member co-operated with us and the interaction goes in very apt way.After the lecture, a questioning session was also organised with the students so that they could make all their doubts clear. The unit was thankful to the school for helping them to complete their extension