• Famous bakery of Rajnandgaon , Ganga Bakers, Tulsipur was visited by the P.G. students of microbiology.This bakery is famous in town for their wonderful taste and amazing service. They make cake, bread , doughnut , cream , cookies , toast , paav-bread , pizza bases and many delightful bakery products .As soon as the unit enter the bakery a mouth- watering smell of cake and cream spread all over the atmosphere.
  • More than 30 servants were working there and they followed full procedure hygienically.The unit got the chance to have a look around the bakery and all the big machines and equipment used there to ease their work in time. Some machines like dough make , extra large oven , cake rotator plate , bread cutter etc. were seen and their working was explained to the unit .
  • The raw material or the initiator material that were being used by them were of high quality and were of purest form. They use yeast for fermentation. The yeast used by them for making bakery product were of less amount used and chemicals too were avoided, so that the products last long in taste. They use two type of yeast i.e. wet yeast and dry yeast. The workers then take the unit to cake room and explained the procedure of icing and making the cake and designing them with nozzels. The manager of bakery co- operated very well with unit and he maintained the transparency about his work with