• The batch of M.Sc.-II and M.Sc.-IV students of microbiology and staff visited the IB Group at Indamara, Rajnandgaon.The unit is mainly focusing on preparation of feed products, edible oil and soya bean meal along with poultry and dairy.The teachers of department supported fully so that students can interact easily with the ongoing production method.
  • IB Group has diversified itself into a well- integrated business unit that produces poultry, dairy, oil, animal feed and specialized pet food which directly and indirectly linked with microbiology.
  • The guide of IB Group addressed the students and introduced about industry. The high quality feed with remarkable longevity. To maintain quality pellets, they increased their level of conditioning system to ensure best starch gelatinisation process. These straight process ensure that the Salmonella kill rate is significantly reduced, safeguarding the health of livestock.
  • They produce feeds for poultry and extruded feed for fisheries under pre-starter, starter and finisher categories.
  • They showed very large instrumentation tanks with the help of which they prepare particular atmosphere so that the product made by them is
  • For soya bean meal and edible oil they use solvent extraction plant for highly mechanised soya products, which produce soya DOC with 50-52% protein content with controlled fibre free from oil residue, ash, sand and
  • In their refinery house, they produce high quality edible soya and vegetable oil with a unique blend of omega fatty
  • They are in the midst of launching palm oil and rice bran oil. They balanced the oil contents like fatty acids like MUFA and PUFA to maintain healthy