[1-29] Richard Hartshorne A Biographical Sketch and Academic Pathways by Mumtaz Khan

[30-35] Relevance of Space Imagination in Geography by Niladri Ranjan Dash

[36-56] Social Justice and Its Provision through Quota to People in India by K.C. Ramotra

[57-64] Cultural Studies A Brief Note On The Emergence Of A New Discipline by Atia Rabbi Nizami

[65-77] An Empirical Analysis of Digital Marketing and Consumer Buying Behaviour by Sonalika Beohar and Gyan Prakash

[78-97] Impact of Self Help Groups on Members in an Urban Milieu – A Case Study by Gayatri Sahoo and Pritirekha Das Pattanayak

[98-107] Viral Marketing – Word of Mouth to Word of Mouse Marketing Communication by Meenu Kumar, Shakti Prakash and Akanksha Raman Khare

[108-114] Role of NGOs in Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) [With Respect to State of Madhya Pradesh] by Akanksha Singhi and Akshant Nagar

[115-128] The Influence of Social Media on the Voters Perception – An Empirical Study by Shakti Prakash and Apurva Srivastava

[129-137] The Untold Story of the Fishermen in the Mondermoni Coast, West Bengal by Katha kali Bandopadhyay and Sudhir Malakar